Handstick Vacuum

4 Key Parts Of Handstick Vacuum That Affect Its Performance

Having and using a handstick vacuum cleaner doesn’t mean you know and understand what this tool is. So, to help you know more about this useful tool, here, we have a list of key parts of a handstick vacuum cleaner. Let’s see what they are!

Motor and Suction

This part is the core of the handstick vacuum. It provides the sucking power that draws in all dust and dirt from your room.

The motor part also determines the power of the handstick vacuum. It has an amp rating, wattage, and other specifications.

If you plan to buy a handstick vacuum cleaner, make sure you check its motor and suction specifications. Choose one with the best motor specification for better vacuum power and cleaning process.

Filtration System

Each handstick vacuum product could use a different type of filtration system. However, the function of this part is the same. It will filter the dust that was sucked by the motor and put it in the dustbin for collection later.

The latest handstick vacuum products use HEPA filters to provide a better filtration process against dangerous particles and allergens. This filter also can last much longer than other type of vacuum filter.


All handstick vacuum products use a rechargeable battery. Mostly, you will find the lithium-ion type battery, which is known for its durability and lifespan. It removes the cord and provides a better portability value to this vacuum cleaner product.

The battery type and capacity will affect how long you can use the vacuum cleaner. Higher battery capacity helps you to use this vacuum cleaner much longer.

Brush and Cleaner Head

The vacuum cleaner brush is also one of the key parts of the handstick vacuum because it affects how efficiently this tool works. A good-quality brush helps you to roll and reveal all dirt and debris from the object you are cleaning. Thus, it eases the motor job to suck and put them into a dustbin.

Some product also offers different types of brushes and cleaner heads. Each of them works perfectly for different surfaces or objects. Therefore, you have more options on how you will the vacuum cleaner for different cleaning purposes.


What is so important about knowing those key parts of a handstick vacuum? The answer is easy. You will know what you should change or fix when your vacuum cleaner doesn’t work.

Those key parts also are the essential thing that allows you to find the correct spare parts for your handstick vacuum. So, remember and use them as a reference to maintain your handstick vacuum.

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