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7 Things To Consider When Buying The Best Watch Winder

If you are a watches collector, then you should buy the best watch winder safe. Why did you ask? Of course to protect your watch’s longevity so it won’t run out. So here are seven things to consider when buying the best watch winder.

Program Setting Of The Best Winder safe

Why does program setting important? Well, because you would want the best watch winder safe that’s able to rotate counterclockwise, clockwise, and even bidirectionally. It’s necessary because that way, your watches collections’ potential needs are fulfilled. Make sure you check the turns per day or TPD in short, it has to be between 650 and 1800 daily turns.

Build With Quality

There’s a reason you should buy the best watch winder 2020 in mid-market to high-end winder. Their watch winder won’t be magnetized over time. But how could the cheap one cause that? Because they are not built the winder with the shield for the motor.

Watches Position In The Winder

You have to know the basics that the ideal position for your watch on a winder has to be vertical or nearly vertical. That way, the gravity will be optimized on each of the watches’ rotations.

Pillows, Cushions, And Holders

Choose the Winder that won’t stretch the leather strap of your watches. You can choose a spring-loaded holder, it will provide you with enough tension to hold the watch without stretching the strap.

Power Supply Of The Winder

The old winders are battery powered, but it was wasteful since it will eat up a standard battery and also end up the energy output of your watch will be inconsistent, speed rotation will be uneven, and of course, TPD measurement will be inaccurate.

So what should I do? Choose the best watch winder 2020 that operates with a power adapter and a rechargeable battery. 

The Winder Aesthetics

Why is this important? Because you want a watch winder that blends in with your room decorations, don’t you? So that your watches collections will coexist with the watch winder you have bought.

Winder Noise Level

This factor is the most complained about watch winder. But that problem is already caused by modern manufacturing. They are able to dampen the sound when it’s run, so the winder will be able to work without the noise that usually annoys you. 

So that’s the seven things you have to consider when buying the best watch winder. Hopefully will help you in buying the right one.

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