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The Importance of Turn Per Day and Winding Directions in the Best Watch Winder Safe Boxes

Turn Per Day or TPD is one of the most crucial things you should understand while using the best watch winder safe box by Billstone. It is because each automatic watch has different TPD and Winding Directions. The explanation below will make you understand it and use the winder box maximally. 

About Turn Per Day 

Turn Per Day or TPD is the watch winder boxes are the number of turns of the internal rotor each day. The internal rotor in an automatic watch needs it to keep the watch wound. It makes the watches and their features accurate even when you don’t wear them. 

The standard TPD for most automatic watches is 500 to 800 TPD. Some automatic watches even need 1300 TPD. You need to set the winder box to reach 600 TPD if you want to put a Rolex President there. Most Rolex watches wind in Clockwise and Counterclockwise directions, so set the winding direction feature to the both direction mode.

The Reason Why You Need to Wind Automatic Watches 

Winding an automatic watch is necessary, especially if you don’t wear them. The TPD in the best watch winder safe boxes is similar to the power from your wrist. The more power the watches receive, the more accurate the watches and their features are. 

That’s why the automatic watches will slowly stop working when you only put them in their package box. Slowly but surely, the watches run out of power and lose their accuracy. The winder box keeps the power for the watches with the right TPD and winding directions.  

Watch Winder Boxes Recommendation

Those who are collecting Rolex watches can use Paragon 6 or Paragon 12 winder box by Billstone. You can also use other products, including Watch Winder Safe products for your favorite Rolex watches. 

These products are recommended because they are durable, stylish, and support the needs of the watches well. You can set the TPD and winding direction through the touchscreen control panel. The best watch winder safe boxes by Billstone will also protect the watches through its security systems.

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